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Welcome to my blog where fear and phobias rule the day. My own phobias include, clowns, balloons popping, planes, planes crashing, planes filled with clowns crashing, planes filled with clowns holding balloons crashing....you get the general idea. Oh and although I love animals I hate them dressed up in clothes.

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Thursday, October 16, 2003  
Travelling Vicariously

As I sit in Sydney wishing I’d been organised enough to arrange some kind of overseas trip this year opening my email has been torturous in the past week. Yesterday morning lurking in my inbox were emails from friends in Columbia, Peru, Morocco, Moscow and LA. All had tales to tell, from flying in helicopters from Estonia to Finland, to rubbing shoulders with Jodie Foster and Stockard Channing on Melrose Ave. Godammit! It all makes my recent trip to Newey pale in comparison.

Only consolation was the email from my pal in Peru. He’s been there less than 16 hours and has already been relieved of all of his cash, plane tickets and travellers cheques thanks to a pickpocket. Can’t imagine THAT happening in Derby Street.

4:30 PM

Thursday, October 02, 2003  

Though I'm not super tall, I ain't short, (though a couple of freakishly tall people would dispute this but I'm sure they're just projecting their own insecurities onto me!) ANYWAY despite my height I've always had a pair of cute little size seven feet. Until now......earlier in the year I had to upgrade to a seven and a half, a few months ago I had to buy a pair of size eights, TODAY I just laid down some cash for a pair of size NINE sandals. What the hell is going on? Since when do people in their early thirties start growing larger feet? At this rate Christmas I will have an enormous pair of feet that will need to be housed in big floppy clown shoes.....urgh I HATE clowns.

12:38 PM

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