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Welcome to my blog where fear and phobias rule the day. My own phobias include, clowns, balloons popping, planes, planes crashing, planes filled with clowns crashing, planes filled with clowns holding balloons crashing....you get the general idea. Oh and although I love animals I hate them dressed up in clothes.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003  
Canberra Massive

Big Day out and the long Straya Day weekend after a huge, huge week. Have seen the most astonishingly good array of music and performance in the last 10 days. PJ Harvey at the Enmore - shock seeing her with a very short curly bob (which everyone has been saying is a perm but I have found out is NATURAL = devestating). But nevertheless she was sublime, very sexy and mesmerising. Next cab off the rank was the most spectacular george & SSO with Jon Lord from Deep Purple. It was wild, this total epic 70's concerto with electric guitars. Got to hang out at the after party and perv at all the stars. A friend of mine went up to Katie and Tyrone Noonans Mum (the main singers from George) and said "You have the most beautiful daughter" Mrs Noonan gave her a greasy look and said "I have TWO beautiful children actually" and walked off. Ouch.

Onwards to the Big Day Out. Stinking hot day, caught a few mintues of the Music who sounded awesome and then headed off the main stadium to see the Vines. I am not a huge one for lopping down tall poppies but I must say their set was one of the most shambolic performances I have seen. Craig Nicholls was falling about the stage, wailing and being a dickhead taking off his shirt to reveal that he has been chowing down a few too many Big Mac's of late. A few songs in, where even the rest of the band managed to look embarassed, I witnessed what I can only describe as a reverse mosh pit. People were actually queuing to get out of the Stadium!

Foo Fighters took to the stage later that night and showed how to really put on a stadium "rawk n roll" show. I hope young Mr Nicholls and co were in the crowd taking notes. Dave Grohl surely must be the nicest guy in the business and it's good to see that nice guys do occasionally finish first.

After that my mates wanted to go and watch the live feed from the boileroom of Underworld. I had a strange desire to see Xzibit, this big black gansta rapper guy over in the hothouse. Noone was very interested in coming with me so I went on my own. Off I trotted into this tent that was packed to the gunnels with little teenage Eminem wannabes. As I was going in there this massive crush happened and I literally got so squashed my feet lifted off the ground while I was still upright. At this point I realised that I might just get crushed to death seeing a rapper on my own. I imagined people at my funeral saying "we never knew Kate liked gangsta rap, what else didn't we know about her?". At this moment salvation appeared in the form of two young guys who said "are you alright love?" and ensured that I wasn't crushed to death which was nice. The police then arrived to form a massive human barricade to stop thousands of other people trying to get in! It was very exciting. I stayed up the back and had an excellent time. Xzibit talked just like the big guy in Pulp Fiction and was just as scary, but put on a bloody good show, even if it was so hot in there condensations was actually dripping off the roof like rain. Sweaty or not it was a marked contrast to the poncy middle aged white guy antics of Underworld that I witnessed on the screen when I finally came out.

Themes of the day. I think of the Big Day out being the Straight Mans Mardi Gras. It seems to be the one opp for daggy straight guys to dress up in silly matching outfits and wacky hairstyles. There were a few Avril Lavigne look a-likes and curiously more than a sprinkling of girls dressed up as nurses. But overall this year was the year of the home made t-shirt. My favourites included:

"It's great being a westie head banger" worn by a westie head banger

"Canberra Massive" - bright yellow t-shirt worn by daggy guy

and the absolute winner:

"Sing us a song, you're the piano cunt" - GOLD.

1:57 PM

Tuesday, January 21, 2003  
Fat Skin

Here I am in 2003 - wooooo hoooooo. I have been a blog neglecter of late. I take it as a positive sign that in January I am always too busy actually going out and doing stuff rather than sitting despondently at my desk blogging. However in the last few weeks I've managed to stuff up all my links so apologies if you are wanting to go to Kitty City or Kate Browne's pub.

So in the last month or two I have eaten a lot, drunk a lot and sat on the beach a fair bit in between sitting in the garden, on my couch and in movies and in theatres. However it does seem I am not the only person concerned about what Emma and I like to refer to our "critical mass" thanks to all this food and sitting down festivity.

Jasons Nanna and entire family told him he was getting a bit porky, whilst Erin's Nanna told her to watch out getting her "fat skin" sun burnt (a quite blatant attempt at half arsed subtlety) My stepgrandmother (ohhhh she's just bizarre - everyone should have a stepgranny) told me that it was good I had "still managed to keep all that weight off". She is refering to a period quite a few years ago when admittedly I did pork up a little more than the average bear and did have to work fairly hard to get the weight off. However the way Stepgranny talks about my weight you would think it was a full time job "keeping an eye on it" and that without constant and eternal vigilance I would blow up like a cane toad without a moments notice.

So that was Christmas. New Year was a bit of a dud - I took it as a bad omen that a horse was extermianted on the race track in front of everyone just as I arrived at Randwick new year races - but I am refusing to let it get me down. My main new year highlights include joining the Newcastle Lowlands Lawn Bowling Club and learning to bowl. God don't I sound sad! But all in all I have a good feeling about 2003 dead horses and lawn bowls notwithstanding.

2:02 PM

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