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Welcome to my blog where fear and phobias rule the day. My own phobias include, clowns, balloons popping, planes, planes crashing, planes filled with clowns crashing, planes filled with clowns holding balloons crashing....you get the general idea. Oh and although I love animals I hate them dressed up in clothes.

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Monday, July 29, 2002  

My little newphew Alec just got back from a holiday in Bali. He told me there were two things you need to watch out for if you go there for a holiday. One is Biting Monkeys, the other is Pickle Pockets.

1:41 PM

Tuesday, July 23, 2002  
On the Air

Well I never. In the old days back in the early 80's I would have given my left leg to have set foot in the studios of what was then the coolest funkiest most happening radio station....... 2SM. I spent many a fun day listening to Ron E Sparx on my tranny radio shaped like a coke can at the beach.

Fast forward to the new millennium - lucky Kate is going to be live on air on Weds morning at 11.00am as a special guest on the Howard Satler chat show. I reckon there will be about 6 people listening (counting my Mum). How things have changed! I will be running a little talkback number with callers (housewives) about the whole private investigators palaver. Better go and study up on infidelity.

5:21 PM

Thursday, July 18, 2002  
Is it just me.......or is there someone else?

Ahhh yes, I'm using my blog to blow my own horn. Why not? Though some might say Why? Either way...do check out Sunday Life in the Sun-Herald this Sunday. I have a rather trashy little article in there about Private Investigators and Infidelity. The two companies I interviewed have absolute crackers of names: "Surveillance is Us" and wait for it.......... "Lipstick Investigations" (I must thank Rachael Cann for putting me onto that one!) It should be quite funny.

Off to the Shiny brand new castle tonight (That's Newcastle for the uninitiated) to visit Miss Meagie. Looking forward to listing to lots of Silverchair, tap dancing in Blundstones and yelling out "Go the Knights".

10:46 AM

Also - did I forgot to mention that I also managed to flick a bit of red wine onto one of the members of Hi-Five at the party. I reckon it serves her right, she is a kiddy icon and has no right to be pushing her way to the front of a bar queue in a nightclub. Shame Charli shame (I think that's her name anyway.)
9:49 AM

Tuesday, July 16, 2002  

Thanks to my lovely friend Kimmy I got to tread the red carpet last night at the premier of Dirty Deeds. Not a bad flick I must say....I especially loved the set design as it was set in the late 60's. Really bad carpet, furntiure and lots of pineapple rings in tins.

But as always the more amusing side of the night was the whole celebrity thang. Jen and I walked along this endless long red carpet which is kind of embarassing because there were all these fans and media with big cameras who look really disappointed when they realise you are not a celeb but some freeloading punter. Suddenly one of the men with a camera called out to me "I want to photograph you two together". We got all chuffed and posed and then he lifted up this tiny little instamatic camera (?) and then scribbled our names in a grotty little notebook. Considering his pissy little camera we decided he's probably not paparazzi and is just a pervert. Then again stay tuned we may pop up in the social pages somewhere!

The after party was fabulous - we all got herded onto buses much in the manner of a school excursion albeit a weird one because I was wedged between Geoffrey Robertson and David Williamson and taken to Tank under the establishment. The whole place was themed in the manner of late 60's Australia. Lots of lava lamps, mobiles and bad food like cheese cubes and jatz, chicken vol au vonts and devils on horseback. Got to rub shoulders with Toni Collette and Jason from Secret Life...my only disappointment was that there wasn't a single Big Brother housemate to be seen..... : (

4:56 PM

Thursday, July 04, 2002  
Thanks Max

It's official, I am expected to live to the ripe old age of 93. As it's tax time and all me and my office gals had a little spate of getting our finances in order it got me wondering about super and where the hell all of mine is. When I went to the AMP website superannuation section to check it out I discovered they have a cheery little quiz called.......

How long can I expect to live?

Apparently my spectacular innings are due to:

pets increase your lifespan cause they relax you. (Obviously the person that wrote this has never stood between Max and the fridge at dinner time, hardly a relaxing experience.)

Hanna, Emma & Alexis:
as loneliness in the home can knock you off your perch earlier. (Still wondering about the stress levels as it's ditto with the housemates and the fridge scenario)

Not having a drivers license:
as it lowers your chances of dying in a horrible car crash (finally I have a comeback to all those weirdos who think I'm weird cause I don't drive, ha!)

So thanks to all concerned for ensuring that I will be a senile 93 yr old lady with a trolley full of cats, no car and sharing my cardboard box with a couple of mates.

Now if only I could give up the red wine, the Alpines and get myself a decent love life according to the quiz I could hit the big 100 and get a telegraph from the Queen.

2:19 PM

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