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Welcome to my blog where fear and phobias rule the day. My own phobias include, clowns, balloons popping, planes, planes crashing, planes filled with clowns crashing, planes filled with clowns holding balloons crashing....you get the general idea. Oh and although I love animals I hate them dressed up in clothes.

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Thursday, June 27, 2002  
Back at work after a couple of days off sick. One minute I am enjoying the ambience of the Rose Hotel post Gergs gorgeous book launch then next I am curled up in bed watching a re-run of Neighbours circa 1992. Gosh life is exciting.
Actually things just aren't going my way. Tonight Rox and I were meant to go to see a psychic. She only works by the moon, lives in a caravan near Liverpool and only takes bookings for 10,11,12pm. We were all rather excited about it until she called me last night to tell me she couldn't so us as she has a cold. I mean for gods sake she's a psychic, shouldn't she see these things coming and load up on the echinaccea?

1:14 PM

Wednesday, June 19, 2002  

Viva Italia to Vale Italia

A heaviness has decended onto Norton Street.

Oh what to do now the Italians are out of the world cup? Oh how I shall miss the flares, fireworks and the burnouts from cars spray painted green, white and red with "Wog Boy" numberplates. How far away 2006 seems.

11:29 AM

Thursday, June 13, 2002  
Stick Insects and Dwarfs

After the last few weeks I've realised that anyone that aspires to be famous needs their head checked. For a start it seems to really increase you're chances of dying horribly in a plane crash - think Buddy Holly, Aaliyah, John Denver, Patsy Cline, JFK jnr, Hansie Cronje, Shirl from Shirls neighbourhood just for starters. Of course a quick look at the Liza Minelli wedding photos confirm if you do survive the myriad flights without carking it you are on a sure path to resembling a wax dummy in a cheap wig, think Liz Taylor, Michael Jackson, Cher.... Not much to look forward to.

But I digress. I've had two "red carpet" experiences recently. Went to the Spiderman premiere at Fox. Was totally suprised to find a whole heap of shreiking teenagers with cameras behind barricades but even more delighted to find that we were wedged between Human Nature and the Home and Away starlets. Apart from all looking a bit trashy in real life - they were all without exception complete and utter dwarfs. The girls were not only dwarfs but complete and utter stick insects too.

The best thing to see all night (apart from Big Brothers Shannon in the toilets) was Tiffany ex-bardot who strutted the red carpet dressed to the nines, got photographed, interviewed for telly and signed autographs. She then sat down in the cinema (after looking around to make sure everyone was looking at her) and the lights went down. Lights went down, movie went up on the screen and Tiff was up and out of her seat headed for the door. Obviously her work for the night was done. Can't wait to see her talking about "how great the movie was" on Channel V!

4:19 PM

Mr Garrison

Is it just me or did the pictures of a certain John Howard addressing the US congress yesterday give him more than a passing resemblance to Mr Garrison from South Park? Quite unfair on the real Mr Garrisson really and a pity Mr Hat wasn't there too to tell it how it is.

4:07 PM

Friday, June 07, 2002  
What the??

This is so lovely, yet so strange.

I'm semi lost for words in how to describe it, however I will try. Think a "hello kitty" style musical.

Simply click on the link below and get the tissues ready, it's a real tearjerker.

Animated Kitty

10:42 AM

Thursday, June 06, 2002  
Where is?

In my household the discovery of an atlas and the placement of a world map in the toilet has sparked a frenzy of geography amongst the HM's. (that's big brother speak for housemates). Hanna discovered that Canada was really, really big, Emma realised tht Lebanon was really really small and I realised that the distance from Sydney to Auckland in European terms would be the equivalent to London to Warsaw. In other words quite a long way. Doubt you'd catch a pommy doing the commute between London and Warsaw the way people I know do between Sydney and NZ. Ahh the tyranny of distance us antipodeans endure.

Anyway in our nerdy frenzy we decided to learn all the capital cities and countries in Sth America and then have a test. I now know that Bogota is the capital of Ecuador. Handy perhaps? Not sure. However last night I did get to show off my new found knowledge when I had a rather yummy young Sth American taxi driver drive me home. When he told me he was from Brazil I was able to nod sagely and say "ah yes, I believe Brasilia is the capital no?" He was impressed and assumed I had been to Brazil. When I said I hadn't been he looked at me funny and said "well how do you know then" - I was too embarassed to fess up.

5:38 PM

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