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Welcome to my blog where fear and phobias rule the day. My own phobias include, clowns, balloons popping, planes, planes crashing, planes filled with clowns crashing, planes filled with clowns holding balloons crashing....you get the general idea. Oh and although I love animals I hate them dressed up in clothes.

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Monday, November 26, 2001  
Kate on a cold tin roof

Apologies to Emma for stealing her line. Monday, Monday and December is nearing.......well nearer. I feel flat today and a bit stagnant like the nasty stinky water that has settled in the coffee cups in my kitchen that have gone without washing for weeks. Change is in the air with young Eric shifting out of Albert street and off to Canada (making for a very morose house indeed) and Hannanna off to Germany for a couple of months as well. Change is all around me but I am standing stock still as everyone's thoughts turn towards their plans for the New Year ahead. I feel like a pet mouse in an exercise wheel - running as fast I can to keep up in an endless cycle of work, sleep, weekends, work, sleep and frankly the same view from the wheel is getting rather boring. To top it off I know it's not even a particularly inventive or interesting way to feel as every average schmo feels the same way this time of year.No wonder all the shrinks are booked out.

Highlight of the weekend, Emma making me climb a ladder in woolly scarf, coat and gloves and get on the garage roof. Took all my courage to do it and I certainly managed to look cold what with all my shaking. Even so, it was kind of fun once I was up there.

Ps: I know I sound like one of those freaky "psychic" women from Womens Day but I've had the strangest feeling that someone is hanging around me for the last few weeks - it's very odd. Either I really am losing my marbles or I've got a little "friend" hanging around my right shoulder. Crazy stuff.

11:15 AM

Thursday, November 15, 2001  

The ego has landed

Ever ego surfed? Put your name into a search engine to see what comes up? The results can range from the disappointing to the trashy to the completely devastating. Housemate Emma K has complained that absolutely nothing comes up when she types her full name in, whilst my mate Roxanne has the opposite problem. "There's no way I'd be able to find myself in there, I'd have to wade through 28 pages of pornography, it's all you get with a name like Roxanne or Roxy" she sighs. Somehow I suspect my friend Tiffany, and all girls out there called Crystal or Muffy might have the same problem.

But the worst story I have heard was a girl who typed her name into Google and discovered a blow by blow account on a blog about how irritating and revolting she is. The most painful part of this was that she didn't even know this person, apparently they had just met her at a party one night and that was enough to do it.

This of course makes me think I have got off quite lightly. I had naively thought that only my mother would have had the total lack of foresight to give her offspring such a clunky and two syllable moniker like "Kate Browne" ("I thought you would get married and change it!" is her defence) but a quick wade through Google has proved I am not alone. I've found a scientist, a New York playwright (ooh la la) but my favourite comes from Ireland. Take a trip to Kate Browne's pub it's quite a delight and certainly satisfies my passion for all things equine, Irish and alcoholic.

10:00 AM

Tuesday, November 13, 2001  
A quotable quote

Not much to say this week, so rather than bore you I'll leave you with a quote from Christina Aguilera on the topic of Polar Bears.

"As soon as I looked into the crystal blue eyes of the polar bear, I knew I had to save them from extinction” she said last year. Has she helped? Has she fuck.

11:45 AM

Friday, November 09, 2001  
The great starbucks betrayal

I always thought I was a reasonably PC kinda gal. You know, I try and recycle, be socially aware and hey I am a vegetarian! I've always avoided the likes of Macca's and Hungry Jacks "on principle" and of course being a vego helped. I've also succesfully avoided the Starbucks phenomenon that has started its insidious creep though Australia, until last night. Maybe it was cause I was tired after the gym, maybe it was because I was craving a caffeine hit, maybe it was because it was the only place open. Before I knew it I was at the counter ordering an iced mocha latte grande (or some such toss). I'm ashamed to say it was absolutely delicious. I skulled it down in seconds and then proceeded to make disgusting slurping noises to finish it off. Once the exhilaration wore off I threw the damming evidence in the nearest bin and felt guilty.

Oh dear......Is this a sign of impending conservatism now I'm getting older? Can I be trusted to vote tomorrow????

12:02 PM

Friday, November 02, 2001  
Strange Things Afoot

Walking home last night with my walkman plugged in loud. Over the music I hear the slap, slap, slap of footsteps behind me and a hand grabs my arm. I whip around and am face to face with a middle aged woman with a backpack. "Can you lend me twenty dollars?" she asks. "Errrr I don't have twenty dollars" say I. "Okay - how about ten?" she shoots back. When I say no she gives me a pissed off look and runs off down the street.

I walk over to my front door and hear Emma inside calling out "oh, it's only you". When I get the door open she says to me"the weirdest thing just happened. This little woman just came up to the front door, banged on the window and demanded twenty dollars!......." I guess you can guess the rest.

I'll give this woman some credit though - most people only ask for a dollar or a ciggie for starters. This chick has obviously decided to aim high and see what happens, maybe there's a little lesson in there for all of us.

10:32 AM

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